User Experience

The web is always evolving, along with this the customer evolves too. They way an online customer thinks, behaves and acts is always changing which has a knock on effect on what a successful user experience plan looks like. Our user experience experts provide consultations and workshops tailored to your business to find out exactly what it is your customer needs, how they expect to get to the end point and what they are likely to do beyond this.

User experience design is the initial stepping stone to any successful web project at Developing The Web that requires a design focus. When the user experience design is completed the project flows to development and marketing stage which a more intense fluidity that brings your project to the pinnacle of a successful digital solution.


UX Workshop

A full UX workshop can be anything from a few hours to a couple of days to really drill down the ins and outs of the user experience strategy required for your project. Ample time spent in an UX workshop reduces ambiguity at development stage and increases the conversion probabilities.

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