The Panic Room


The Panic Room ® is a counselling and coaching practice set up specifically for those who experience the debilitating symptoms of an Anxiety or Panic Disorder. There are many symptoms of anxiety, but the most commonly occurring symptoms tend to be Panic Attacks, feelings of Derealisation, Agoraphobia, Insomnia and feeling constantly anxious and experiencing episodes of panicking for no reason.


After consulting with Developing The Web, The Panic Room decided that their new website needed to represent their business by standing out from their competitors while still being simple for the customers to use such as finding relevant self help information, contact details and how to book a session in.

Additionally to web design and development the company also need new branding as the company had only just opened and needed a solid internet marketing campaign to push the business forward.


The branding was designed to have a welcoming feel to it by using an open door on the logo. The client was provided with several versions of the logo to choose from allowing the client to feel like they have been given enough options for their branding.

The Panic Room Logo

Once the client was happy with the branding the Developing The Web team could use this branding to create the web design. The website was created in a full width layout allowing heavy use of background imagery to really bring the website to life.

The design was them brought to the development stage. A WordPress platform was selected by the client so that they could easily update the content if they required, this also allowed Developing The Web to bring their specialist WordPress knowledge to use when producing the custom built theme.

Facebook Cover Photo

Once the website was launched it was important to start the internet marketing campaign almost immediately. It was apparent with the type of industry that The Panic Room is in (counselling & mental health) that social media platforms would be the most important part of the campaign. The client was set up on as many social media platforms as we thought was necessary allowing us to gain a wide network reach. With mental health still being a taboo subject we felt that consistently creating self help content and sharing across as many networks as possible would get the discussion of anxiety disorders going and ultimately convert some of these discussions into clients booking consultations.

The social media campaign was a hit from the start sparking sharing and discussion across all platforms. These platforms are consistently growing, coupling this with other internet marketing techniques such link building and local citation creation The Panic Room campaign has taken the business forward quickly.