Internet Marketing

Over the last few years Internet Marketing has evolved faster than most companies can keep up, making it even more difficult to stay ahead of the competition. The old days of ‘SEO’ involving creating thousands of shoddy links and multitudes of duplicate content pages to game the search engines are long gone.

Now your company requires a compelling strategy that incorporates a wide range of marketing avenues to build your brand and increase your customer base. Our Internet Marketing team are dedicated to bringing results from your campaign by focusing on the best tools and avenues for your business. Every clients campaign strategy is tailored to their exact requirements, we don’t provide a “one size fits all” service, we provide a service that will benefit your company in the best way possible.


Search Engine Optimisation

Developing The Web offer are firm believers that the path to successful Internet Marketing Campaigns starts with Search Engine Optimisation techniques. Many websites fail the basics, don’t let your website be one of these, let Developing The Web perfect your websites structure.

Social Media Management

Keeping your customers and potential customers up to date through social media platforms is a must with most on-line (and offline) businesses. However it is a time consuming task updating regularly a number of different social platforms. Let us build and maintain the social media pages that your business can thrive on.


Content Creation

Creating compelling, interesting and customer worth content is not as easy as it sounds. Developing The Web’s content team have a wide range of skills when writing content for the web including in-depth competitor analysis, industry research and topic modelling.


Analysing Analytics

Do you really know how well your website is performing with visitors and e-commerce statistics? Do you even have an analytical solution installed? Let Developing The Web push your business forward with website data analysis providing you with suitable suggestions based on real statistics.

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