Website and Web Application Development

Developing The Web work on a wide variety of development projects from local companies requiring a service website,  store owners wanting to take their sales to the next level with e-commerce to in-house intranet/cloud applications for running business services. Whether the project is large or small our development strategy comprises of forward thinking methods to get the best for your requirements.

The development process can include both backend and frontend developments, we excel at both meaning that we can take the technical requirement for your project from start to finish saving you the headache of having to manage 2 development teams to complete your project.

We take into consideration a number of factors including:

  • Picking the right solution for your needs not the one we prefer to work with
  • Minimal technical debt for an efficient and speedy application
  • Extendible, easy to read code to incorporate future developments
  • Device and browser cross capability

Off The Shelf Solutions

Our team have used a wide range of off the shelf packages that can be developed to suit the requirements of some projects. Off the shelf systems such as WordPress, Joomla and Magento are just some of the more popular packages that we use. We will consult with you to discuss whether the base of an open source platform is right for you.


Bespoke Builds

If your requirements are a little more unique then your application is likely to require a bespoke build. This allows our team a flexible approach giving you exactly what you need for your project with no additional unused features getting in the way of your efficient application. Our team works with PHP for all bespoke builds with a mixture of solid JS, CSS and HTML to bring your application to life on the frontend.


Intranet & Cloud Back Office

Your admin and back office team are often the spine of your company so having efficient and easy to use admin systems is essential for the day to day running of your company. Our team can develop systems that run on your company’s intranet or in the cloud to keep your business moving forward from the inside.


Plugins & Extensions

Do you already have a website or application that is up and running but requires something a little (or a lot) extra to get it up to scratch with your competitors? Or maybe your business is going in a new direction and the website needs a new feature to reflect that, whatever the requirement or plugin development team can cater them.

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