Feature Bathrooms


Feature Bathrooms are a leading supplied of luxury bathroom supplies and designer heating products. Providing everything from whirlpool baths, heated towel rails to bathroom accessories the company can kit out any bathroom from start to finish with high quality products.


Feature Bathrooms required both web design and web development to create a solid, user friendly web base for their sales platform. Supplying high end bathroom products means that the website was required to match the luxury feel of their products with a quality design. It was important that the website was easy to use for customers on both desktop and mobile as well as being simple enough to use for the Feature Bathrooms admin team when adding new products and content.


For the e-commerce platform the Magento framework was used. Magento was chosen due to it’s off the shelf functions for creating complicated custom products which was required for a large number of the products in the Feature Bathrooms catalogue (such as multiple bath upgrade parts). The default import functionality in Magento was not up to the requirements for Feature Bathrooms so custom import extensions where created to allow the admin team to mass import most product details including images.

Additionally WordPress was installed and incorporated into the Magento framework to allow content to be written in a blog style much easier than using the default Magento CMS capabilities.

Foundation 5 was used for the frontend responsive framework to incorporate the design on multiple devices and other Foundation functionality was ideal for the requirements such as tabs, alerts and modals.